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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 9 – Update #4


Travis and Chad continue to bring coverage from Ottawa streets recording what they see.

The feeling on the street continues to be peaceful and loving although there is a heavy police presence.

There are many comments, posts and streams online of the Freedom Convoy 2022 events in Ottawa. It’s important to share everything. The more cameras out there the better.

They listen to the replay of Trudeau’s press conference from earlier in the day.

Trudeau speaks against the violence and harassment coming from the protesters. Travis and Chad have been on the streets since the convoy arrived and they have not seen evidence of violence or aggression yet. Chad says, “It seems peaceful and there is a lot of disconnect compared to what Trudeau says.”

A question from a viewer: “Where’s the violence, the Nazis, the fires?”

Chad says, “That’s something we’ve been looking for…haven’t been able to find it yet.”

The notice a massive police presence downtown but things are quiet. Some areas are blocked off otherwise the roads are open.

Trudeau’s stance has not changed. He states the way out of the pandemic is for everyone to be vaccinated.


The truckers continue to say they will stay until the work is done….as long as it takes.

Whoever hangs in the longest is going to win.

If you know people who don’t understand what is going on…send them love because this is going to continue.

They have yet to see any mainstream media broadcasting in Ottawa. Travis asks viewers to send links if they see any mainstream coverage. He also asks people to send in favourite street cams in Ottawa that might not be showing the real time footage and he will go to that location and show the footage from their vantage point.

More Coverage to come #freedomconvoy 2022

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