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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Day 9 – Update #7


End of the day update as Travis and Chad head to their home away from home for the night.

Information from news feeds tells them some truckers are trapped behind barricades and don’t have communications with the rest of the group. Chad, experienced as a trucker, says he finds that interesting as all truckers have CBs and their cell phones. The two of them drive around to see for themselves and discover there are in fact barricades and an isolated group of trucks.

Chris, Calgary, Unify the People

I’m not here to be obedient to the police. I will respect them but I will stand up to them and stand up for my rights. Then they respect you. That’s what is happening in Calgary. We just didn’t back down.


This is a war of cameras and keyboards.

Chad Metz

Coverage continues

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