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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Feb. 10. Day 19-#1


Chad and Travis continue their journey down the street of downtown Ottawa with Freedom Convoy 2022. On the way to more speeches they chat with Canadians to hear their stories.

The -25C temperatures departed in the knick of time. When thieves broke into Chad’s truck they took his winter coat! Coming from Salmon Arm, British Columbia the cold has been especially hard on them. But they didn’t complain!

Everyone in the convoy has made sacrifices to travel to Ottawa and most are in it for the long haul. The freedom convoy idea originated with Pat King and then spread. An unexpected tsunami of support raised over $10 million in two weeks.

And it continues to grow. More people are expected on the weekend and other countries continue to join in with support at home.

Someone gave Rick a box of organic apples and he pays it forward by handing them out to people on the street. He hopes his wife sees him on camera because he was in Ottawa when they had their 50th wedding anniversary a few days ago! That’s dedication and loyalty, for both his country and his wife. But not in that order.

Rick says he is living in a 5-star hotel (his van) compared to the people on the street.

I’m happy and I’m good. It’s all for freedom.


I feel bad for the homeless people when the truckers leave. They won’t have anymore food and warm clothing.

The truckers are looking after the homeless better than their own government is.

Viewer comments

Viewer Comment

“Hey you guys should start asking people for directions as to where all the violence is taking place, I really want to hear the answers to that question.”

An Outpouring of Support!


David and his brother-in-law decided on impulse to drive to Ottawa over a card came. They drove eight hours from Walusburg, Ontario to offer their time and skills to cook.

They have a 6×12 trailer full of food stocked through donations. Some came from Sarnia, Ontario. A police officer and bailiff in Windsor, Ontario got supplies from the blockade at the border and donated it to David.

Tim Horton’s gave them Tim’s gift cards to hand out to everyone. The Tim Horton’s in Walusburg gave them cash.

Their goal is to get a picture with 13 people, representing all provinces, together in unity. So far they have Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and British Columbia.

If you want to participate call King David 519-784-5965

Gatineau, Quebec

“Everyone says we are gone. Does it look like we’re gone? Look around.”

We’re here to stay until we win.

Anti Hate Bill

The anti hate bill was taken off the table when the re-election happened in September, 2021.

Liberals to reintroduce anti-hate bill ‘as soon as possible,’ minister says

The government is poised to press ahead with a law combating racial and religious hatred, including online hate, according to Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen.

Hussen said the government will shortly reintroduce a new version of Bill C-36, an anti-hate law that died when the election was called.

Hussen said the anti-hate bill will be introduced “as soon as possible” and be fully fleshed out in committees and in debates.

Critics of its predecessor, C-36, said it was fraught with problems and risked hampering freedom of speech or be difficult to enforce.

Read the story HERE

Peace Tower, Ottawa, Ontario

Christopher James, A Warrior Calls, has studied common law for 20 years. He will be back in Ottawa this weekend to speak with the public.

Related: The Nuremberg 2.0 grand jury trial with lawyer Reiner Fuellmich is using Common Law. Watch the video in this previous post: https://not.tv/update-dr-fuellmich-grand-jury-trial/

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More Coverage to come on Freedom Convoy 2022

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