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notTV Live. Truckers vs Trudeau. Feb. 11. Day 20-#4


Kyle Cardinal teams up with Vlad Sobolev to interview a restaurant owner in downtown Ottawa, Ontario during Freedom Convoy 2022.

This business owner noticed a 10-15% decline in his restaurant business September/October 2019. He describes his experience as the pandemic unfolded. He opened the restaurant in 2019 and got through nine months before being shut down in March 2020. He has a five year lease and had to use savings to survive.

The interesting thing is I had three businessmen that were going to Wuhan, China every month. They said there was nothing there.

Travis and Chad are self-funded. There is no fund for new media. You can help them continue coverage of events as they unfold from downtown Ottawa by sending a donation either through the Donate button on the page or e-transfer to travis@not.tv. ALL donations are graciously accepted.

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More Coverage to come on Freedom Convoy 2022

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