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notTV Live. Truckers vs Trudeau. Feb. 12. Day 21-#1


It’s been 14 days since the truckers arrived in Ottawa, Ontario for Freedom Convoy 2022.

The truckers continue to say they are not leaving until all mandates are lifted and Justin Trudeau steps down. Travis and Chad plan to stick with it and continue live coverage from street level as long as they can.

Travis starts the day with a walk along the street. He chats with a few people along the way.

Frontline Nurses

Kristen Nagle

Don’t listen to the fear. Things are great. They can’t do anything against us. All they’re trying to do is fear tactics to try and break us down and it’s not working.

Kristen Nagle
Canadian Frontline Nurses

Red Pill Rapper says he got into a “verbal disagreement” with a Global cameraman. “These guys are highly trained propagandists. I’ve seen them go in, instigate the crowd, then they’ll start filming and make us look bad.

Red Pill Rapper and Hayley

I feel like there is more energy here now than when we first got here. Every day you can feel something shift around us. More hope, joy, more people, more freedom. You can actually feel it.

Kyle Cardinal and Hayley
Kyle Cardinal

Kyle says Windsor, Ontario needs support. They need more people, back up. The police have mobilized peacefully. He says they are Canadian, too and are probably saying ‘sorry’ while they are doing it.

Kyle noticed last night in Ottawa the police presence dropped as soon as piles of people showed up.

The numbers of people really matters at this point.

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May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'DID YOU KNOW? The Province of Ontario has declared State of Emergency.... is anticipated that; effective midnight (February 12, 2022): infrastructure and punishable block and mpede the movements goods, people and services along critical means it orders bridges nlways roadways pedestrian Fines crossings, The do airports, ports, provincial also omply with he order taking away personal These measures will permanerit.'
Kyle Cardinal

notTV Crew

Kyle Cardinal, Chad Metz, Travis Cross, Founder notTV

Travis and Chad are self-funded. There is no fund for new media. You can help them continue coverage of events as they unfold from downtown Ottawa by sending a donation either through the Donate button on the page or e-transfer to travis@not.tv. ALL donations are graciously accepted.

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More Coverage to come on Freedom Convoy 2022

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