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notTV Live. Truckers vs Trudeau. Feb. 14. Day 23-#1


Travis and Chad are back with more coverage of Freedom Convoy 2022 on Monday morning on their way to the parliament building and some speeches at the main stage in Ottawa, Ontario.

The politicians are going back and forth with Bill C-10 with regard to the mandates. There is a Q&A period in the House of Commons at 2:00 pm EST followed by the vote at 3:00 pm on whether or not to lift the mandates and restrictions.

They head to the stage and hear some heartfelt speeches.

One of the speakers says, “We have seven grand daughters that have been caught up in the system for the last two years. They cry all day in school because they have to wear their masks. It broke our hearts as grand parents….When the children were saying we don’t want to go to school anymore it breaks my heart. When they say we don’t want to get a rapid test we just want to be children, it breaks my heart.”

The Jericho March

The Jericho march is a walk of faith around parliament once a day for six days. They are after the walls of their hearts coming down. On the seventh day (Thursday, Feb. 17) some people will start at 7:00 am and the rest will join in at 9:00 am. They will complete seven rounds around parliament.

If you haven’t had a hug today go hug someone. Right now!

Lorraine, left Alberta 16 days ago in a motor home in the middle of winter

Chad says that he has heard it repeated, the fringe minority on the street in Ottawa felt alone, like they were the only ones standing for freedom who thought something was wrong. When they got to Ottawa they were relieved to find out they are not alone.

A big part of this freedom movement is that people are being united.

United people stand up for each other.

Chad Metz

War Memorial

Veterans removed the fence around the war memorial so they could pay their respects.

War Memorial, Ottawa, Ontario
Nelson Mandela

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Nelson Mandela

Chad Metz

For the first time probably in my life, I want to learn French.

Chad Metz

Travis and Chad will look for Tamara Lich and Brian Peckford after the vote in the House of Commons.

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More Coverage to come on Freedom Convoy 2022

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