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notTV Live. Truckers vs Trudeau. Feb. 14. Day 23-#2


It’s Feb 14th downtown Ottawa, Ontario. Chad and Travis are still in Ottawa with Freedom Convoy 2022 with an update before they break for dinner on Valentine’s Day at 17:42 EST.

Travis and Chad covered the news conference at the Sheraton Hotel with Tamara and Brian Peckford and discuss some of the points. At the same time of the conference, the vote on lifting the mandates and restrictions was going on in the House of Commons.

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Truckers are committed to ‘hold the line’.

Chad informs us that truckers now face $100,000 fines if they do not leave and drivers licenses and insurance can be revoked. Horns blaring demonstrate truckers’ discontent with the current decisions. But the truckers continue to hold the line.

Aggression is increasing. Chad describes an instance involving a police officer and an arrest of a man who stole a flag from a 13 year old and was disrespectful and aggressive.

Chad Metz and Travis Cross

I believe that the law enforcement and military will be on our side. It would be bad optics for the military to try and enforce things against peaceful protesters – women,children and their own veterans.

Chad Metz

Jericho March starts tomorrow, February 15

Benita Peterson leads the March.

Benita Petersen, Volunteer

Benita Petersen, volunteer, says some progress has been made. The movement now has some conservative MPs, the Bloc Quebecois and one Liberal MP on their side so far.

All we have to do is hold the line and win more hearts and minds to the freedom movement.

They continue to be respectful with the noise level. On Friday and Saturday they go a little louder and a little later.

I’m starting to get the hang of being in Ottawa now. But it’s always a little bit different on the street every time you come outside.

Travis Cross

There is a message circulating that one of the reasons Trudeau will not back down is that he has an illegal monopoly on the mRNA technology in the vaccines. University of British Columbia is involved with the research and development. Stew Peters interviews Dr. David Martin. That video can be seen in a previous post – link below.

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The “fringe minority” that Justin Trudeau originally called the Freedom Convoy 2022, has quickly escalated. Trudeau now calls it a “dangerous and illegal protest”. He called in the Emergencies Act federally for Canada today, and Doug Ford called a state of emergency for the province of Ontario.

The truckers are not blocking roads. They are cleaning the streets, feeding people and continue to act with respect and courtesy.

In order to invoke the Emergencies Act three conditions need to be met:

  1. It is an urgent and critical situation.
  2. The capacity of the provinces to deal with the situation is insufficient.
  3. The situation cannot be dealt with effectively under the authority of other Canadian laws.

Travis comments on Trudeau’s lack of attempt to visit the situation in person or to talk with the truckers. Instead he went directly to invoke the Emergencies Act.

Travis Cross

Parliament, Ottawa, Ontario

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