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notTV Live. Truckers vs Trudeau. Feb. 14. Day 23-#3


Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s the end of the day in downtown Ottawa, Ontario with Chad and Travis continuing coverage on the Freedom Convoy and Canada Unity.

The unsubstantiated word on the street is that riot police came in last night. Chad observes that it seems that “things are in motion” with the police changing locations, vehicles and bringing in other forces like the RCMP.

The police have escalated to using cube vans and buses. Chad mentions that usually a cube van is used for gear and not people.

There is some hesitancy in the street on who to trust. There are more people taking pictures of Chad and Travis.

Everyone is trying to figure out who is on the right side of history.

Chad Metz
Travis Cross and Pascal

I’m seeing people that have hope. They want to end these mandates so we can be normal human beings again. Everyone stay hopeful. Pray for our country so we can have a future for our kids.


Pascals says the mainstream media is “telling us we are a bunch of hooligans.”


A general strike…that’s the only thing that will solve this thing.

You’re doing the right thing.

Keep it up.

Chad Metz and Travis Cross

I got Dumb and Dumber here.


It’s amazing. I love it. I just want to see Trudeau gone and all mandates lifted.

We’re not going anywhere. We’ve been here since day 1.

Jeff, Nova Scotia

We’re all one in the world together and we just keep showing each other peace and love. At the end of the day that peace and love will triumph. It’s what I personally believe and I keep meeting enough people to reaffirm that.

Travis Cross

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