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notTV Live. Truckers vs Trudeau. Feb. 16. Day 25-#2


A press conference is led by Danny Bulford, security lead for the freedom convoy 2022 followed by an interview on the street with a passerby after mainstream media and independent media stand-off.

The conference is called to clarify what the new emergency proclamation issued on February 15.

Under the order Canadians continue to be allowed to come to Ottawa with their children if they choose to engage in peaceful lawful protests. The order only restricts people from coming to Ottawa with intention to engage in violence, block critical infrastructure, or to disrupt trade.

The Freedom Convoy and supporters have always denounced violence.

Danny Bulford says they only support peaceful protests.

All Canadians should be surprised, no matter your political opinions, that the federal government has resorted to such an extreme and authoritarian measure like the Emergencies Act and that the government wants to use force against a peaceful demonstration.

Danny Bulford

Vincent Gircys, former member of Ontario Provincial Police (32 years), says he has always been, and continues to be, loyal to the citizens of Canada. The right to peaceful protest is sacramental to our nation. If that principal is abandoned, and it looks like the government is headed in that direction, the government will reveal itself as a true tyranny and it will lose all of the fraction of remaining credibility it has left.

“We are concerned that the government will order the police to use violence against the peaceful protesters.

The greater number of Canadians having more Canadians here defending the Charter will prevent the police from carrying out the government orders. The convoy is conducting a lawful protest.

Eddie Cornell, Veteran of 22 years in the Canadian Armed Forces in the combat arms trade. He says, “The veterans have expressed grave concern for the direction our country seems to be going when you force your citizens to comply with orders that don’t make sense.”

We have lended our voice to the truckers’ movement and convoy in reducing of the mandates and removing them.

Eddie Cornell, Veteran

The Veterans also took down the gates at the War Memorial monument.

Citizen Journalist

Mainstream lies and they have a conflict of interest when the media company receives money from companies like Pfizer.

More Coverage to come on Freedom Convoy 2022

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