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notTV Live. Truckers vs Trudeau. Feb. 23. Day 32-#2


Travis and Chad on the road at night with continuing coverage of the Freedom Convoy 2022.

Travis mentions the sequence of events leading to Trudeau lifting the Emergencies Act.

The Senate had a motion in place that they were going to vote on. They adjourned until tomorrow and then Trudeau went into a press conference and announced he is revoking the Emergencies Act that he invoked on February 14. Following that the Senate sent out a Tweet that they are withdrawing their motion.

A viewer said she was watching the proceedings live and they were in the middle of discussion and questions when they announced the PM message and then adjourned.

Tamara Lich’s bail was denied. She returns to court on March 2. Read that story HERE.

Pat King

No update on the status of Pat King who was also arrested but here is a video by the CBC’s Fifth Estate who interviewed him. First the video that Pat secretly recorded followed by the story put out by CBC which includes Pat’s interview.

The convoy and the questions: How a protest paralyzed a capital

WATCH the CBC video HERE.

Travis shares a list of criminal code offenses someone shared.

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The Department of Finance officials said the emergency order issued by the Trudeau government led to between 206 to 210 accounts being frozen, totalling some $7.8 million. Read that story HERE.

Governor General

We shared some information we received that if the Governor General receives 900,000 ish emails of non-confidence in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau then she would have to oust him. But the CBC soon after put out a story claiming that she cannot dissolve the government but can she remove the Prime Minister? CBC story

Go to this previous post for the email template to the Governor General to submit a vote of non-confidence in the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau HERE

Chad’s Update

Thank you to all for following. It’s amazing that there are people from all over the planet that watch this channel. He says, “it’s an honour to bring you the news as it is”.

A lot of the people who were arrested have been released. He heard that the police did a catch and release on some people. They picked them up and drove them out of town. Chad talked with one woman who said she had a three hour walk. She was 30 km out of town.

Some Viewer Comments:

Man Working On A Laptop From Side View Comments Clipart - Transparent Person At Computer Icon ...
  • It’s a very good lesson for people to know just how fast and far the Govt can go to ruin a life. Think everyone should get out of big bank systems now.
  • They didn’t retract any of the Finntrac changes so they still have overreach in that regard.
  • I heard from another live that the trucks that were impounded are being released.
  • People have to go back to the old ways!! Make a garden !! Live off the land and stop depending on the Government so much!!
  • Governments are BS. So much taxes for nothing essential.
  • Main stream media has to be better regulated and not by the government!!!
  • We still can’t give up or give. We all need to stand in UNITY!!
  • Somebody said that freedom George is in his jail cell and he still screaming freedom go go go he’s got all the inmates doing it as well LOL.
  • Force them to show us this so called covid in its isolated state! They haven’t and can’t because it’s a hoax. All mandates need to go for all.
  • You’re right chad , and if it doesn’t affect people directly , they don’t notice. We have become complacent and stopped paying attention.
  • We should start a movement where we take control of our own lives and we tell the government what to do.
  • We will have to be ever vigilant and on watch of our govts. Always now!!!


Love is better then hate because love conquers all things and that is biblical.

Romans 8:37

Lost Empire of Tartaria

Asia map

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson

More Coverage to come on Freedom Convoy 2022

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