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notTV Live. Truckers vs Trudeau. Feb. 26. Day 35


It’s been over a month since Travis and Chad left Salmon Arm, BC to join the Freedom Convoy 2022 travelling to Ottawa, Ontario livestreaming their journey and hearing what Canadians think about current events.

In this post are 7 videos from different times of the day.

Video #1 (above)

Travis goes on a slow roll with Mike who came to Ottawa with the original West convoy and interviews him along the way.

Video #2

Driving through Smith Falls in Chad’s truck doing a slow roll for Freedom Saturday.

Lorraine from Alberta
Ron from Alberta

It’s a great day to be Canadian. It’s a great day to be free.


Video #3

12:30 pm EST passing the Rideau Canal

Chad talks about banking, crypto currency, and more….he gives a disclaimer that he is not a banker!

Video #4

In Perth, Ontario some people are “unimpressed” with the convoy and honking horns.

Evan, Ottawa

Video #5

Chad shares some of his deep thoughts and observations.

Video #6

White Lake Road, Arnprior – waiting for a Pastor to come to the stage.

Jeremy – “Hold the Line”

Keep going and never, never lose sight of your goal.


Video #7

Collin Big Bear Ross, Arnprior, Ontario about 30 minutes outside of Ottawa, there are about 1,000 people gathered.

Big Bear gives an update about gathering in Ottawa on March 5 called The Million Man March. No blockades. One million people on foot.

Big Bear

More Coverage to come on Freedom Convoy 2022

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