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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Feb. 5. Day 14-#1


It’s a brisk -18C in Ottawa, Ontario early in the morning during Freedom Convoy 2022.

Chad and Travis head to Wellington Street to see what is on stage. Chad finds a warm vent. And they chat with people along the way.


I was up all night helping to prep for today…getting the streets cleaned, the sidewalks are all shovelled and salted. The garbage needs new bags.

When you mess with blue collar people…we like to work. Everyone pitches in. We’re not a bunch of trouble making college kids with nothing better to do. It’s all working men and women.

We’re here to make a difference.


Travis meets Greg from Newfoundland, with his dogs DOM and FREE. He has a concern about the police presence. He has been in Ottawa for eight days. Early on there were about 200 police scattered through the downtown core with clumps of 8-10 in groups. With a million or so people descending on Ottawa there were only two police officers on the street last night. Greg thinks the police don’t like that it’s a peaceful protest and they are looking for disruption.

They pulled back all their forces to a staging area about three blocks away. On his walk with the dogs Greg found them in a group of five vans full of riot cops.

Greg from Newfoundland

He says, “We’re not protesters. We’re family people. Mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. That’s who has come here. No activists. This is the first protest I have ever been part of…We’re not going anywhere. I’m prepared to become a resident of Ottawa. Freedom baby.”

Travis: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve seen so far?

Greg: So much love. So much outpouring. So much hope that people haven’t had in so long – years and years.

Greg says Ottawa is the only free spot in Canada. It’s “freedomville” and it’s spreading.

Freedom is coming – hang in there.


Chad finds a hot spot so they know where to go to survive the cold temperature.

We’re Canadian and willing to brave the cold for unity and freedom.

Travis Cross

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