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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Feb. 6. Day 15-#1


Travis takes a morning stroll to Wellington Street in downtown Ottawa, Ontario while Chad is still asleep in the truck for the second night. They are past the -30C temperatures for the time being.

This is day eight of the freedom protest by Canadian truckers and day 15 for Chad and Travis. They joined the Freedom Convoy 2022 on short notice from Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Chad and Travis will continue to live stream their journey as long as the funds hold out. They are extremely grateful for the generous donations that come in. This allows them to buy food and gas to stay strong and record whatever might come.

A US police officer berates Ottawa police for their lack of integrity.


As tensions rise the story continues to unfold. Here is a brief overview of what has transpired so far.

Livestream videos continue to show a loving peaceful movement on the street. The truckers shovel snow, remove garbage and feed people. Street crime has declined since the start of the convoy.

From The Post Millennial: Police Chief Peter Sloly admitted on Wednesday that “there have been no riots, injuries or deaths,” and that police “are arresting, charging and investigating bad actors.” Truckers have been charged only with traffic violations and for honking. Read the story HERE.

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The truckers have stated from the beginning that they are not leaving. They live in their trucks and are used to it, many of them are long haul truckers. The cost of fuel to keep the trucks warm is substantial. A GoFundMe campaign raised over $10 million in just two weeks. The money was donated by supporters to cover fuel and food for the truckers.

In an attempt to force the truckers out the Mayor had the GoFundMe funds cancelled. Watch a leaked Zoom council meeting with Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly admitting this HERE.

A few days later a new funding platform was established. Donate HERE.

Pat King is instrumental in keeping the convoy organized. Watch the video recorded by Pat King of a press conference for Freedom Convoy 2022 HERE.

Daniel Bulford resigned as part of Justin Trudeau’s sniper detail because he does not agree with what Trudeau is doing. Bulford joined Mounties for Freedom and joined the convoy to Ottawa. He is now lead of security for the freedom convoy. Watch Bulford’s interview by LauraLynn HERE.

The truckers vs Trudeau are at a standoff. Trudeau held a press conference on January 31 but refuses to communicate with the truckers.


Doug Ford, Ottawa Premiere, has relabelled the protest to an occupation which is leading to a slow increase in aggression by the police.

The Mayor of Ottawa declares a statement of emergency just hours after Ottawa police said new enforcement is underway to cut off the supply of fuel and materials to protesters on Wellington Street and streets near Parliament Hill. Read that story HERE.

Watch this video of the arrest of an elderly man for honking his horn.

There has been talk about bringing in the military but the government says this will not happen. According to LifeSite news:

Spokesman for Canada’s defence minister, following comments from Ottawa police chief Sloly on possible need for military’s help in trucker protest: “The Canadian Armed Forces are not involved in law enforcement in this situation, and there are no plans for such CAF involvement.” Read the story HERE.

Trudeau, however, says bringing in the military is “not in the cards right now.” Read the story HERE.

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Travis and Chad will continue to be the eyes and ears and boots on the ground and give a voice to the truckers and the supporters on the street. They offer a perspective that mainstream news omits.

If you like the coverage and want to continue getting firsthand news from downtown Ottawa, you can help by donating. They are forever grateful!

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More Coverage to come on Freedom Convoy 2022

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