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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Feb. 6. Day 15-#2


Police step up enforcement. They begin ticketing vehicles and urging truckers to move.

Guy, from Quebec

Travis asks Guy for his perspective on the situation.

“Thank you for putting out the truth because right now CBC, TBA and CTV – they’re telling everyone we’re a bunch of terrorists and there is absolutely no aggression. There’s children playing in the street. Everybody is peaceful. the police are starting to put pressure, starting to give tickets, they’re making people leave.

They’re starting to get anxious but so are we. I don’t know how long the truckers are going to take before they react proportionately but right now it’s going well. It’s taking way too long for Trudeau to get off his high ego trip. The people are not wearing masks and they’re not sick. So, what’s the pandemic? What’s the rush for cutting everybody’s rights off?

We’re living in a dictatorship today. I’m not allowed to get out of my own country. That’s the Berlin wall. People were not allowed to get out of their country. That’s what we’re living here today. That’s not right. I’m from Quebec and it’s even worse there.

People outside of Ottawa need to speak out. And speak out loud.

I feel about half population of Canada understand the wrong that is happening now. It’s growing fast.

I’m saying hello to all Canadians and I’d like you to know here in Ottawa there are hippies and rednecks who are kissing and hugging on Parliament hill and Trudeau is panicking about it.”

Whatever strategy they take we got to think of a different one…They try to segregate us so they have more power and authority over us.

Rick, Trucker from Winnipeg
Chad Metz & Travis Cross

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