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notTV Live. Truckers vs. Trudeau. Feb. 9. Day 18-#6


The recent vandalism and break in on Chad’s truck seems like a set-up.

They’re obviously not happy with what we are doing…It’s up to us to stay the course, hold the line and keep doing what we are doing. Keep bringing the truth and we can win this yet.

Chad Metz

Chad provides an update to the damage to his truck. He says the Ottawa police will not come out to look at the it but the Officer told Chad if he finds something the thieves left behind to call them. Interestingly, Chad did find something left behind and the police returned later to confiscate the evidence.

When Chad first reported the incident the guy he spoke with was very nervous when he heard what the location was.

When he tried to contact someone to see security footage from four surrounding security cameras he was told there were seven break ins involving vandalism in the area over the last two weeks and that it is not normal for that area.

When he called Spark Auto to ask about the security camera footage, the man there was also acting “dodgy and nervous”. Chad will continue trying to find contacts for the other two cameras.

Is it the job of the police to investigate this type of crime and access security camera footage?

Thieves did not take any valuables but they left a bag with a singed teddy bear, cannabis from a Vancouver store, and two pieces of mail for a nearby address. They did take Chad’s coat with his name on it and a backpack with hunting knives that he takes with him everywhere.

Unfortunately, sentimental items of Chad’s grandparents were taken and those can never be replaced.

I don’t know if it’s anything but why would someone leave a half burned teddy bear in my truck?…I’ve heard of people getting suicided over stuff like this so if that happens just know it wasn’t me. I’m a happy person and life is good.

Chad Metz

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