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Ottawa Police Exempt from Vaccine Mandate


The police who are attacking the truckers and seizing their fuel are exempt from the vaccine mandate that the truckers are protesting against.

No description available.

A label of hypocrisy only adds to the growing negative image of the Ottawa Police.

View the leaked zoom meeting with Chief Sloly admitting to involvement with shutting down the GoFundMe campaign that raised over $10 million for the truckers HERE.

Tensions rise as the standoff with the truckers enters the second week. Police continue with different tactics to force the truckers out. The truckers have stated from the beginning they are not leaving until all mandates are removed and Trudeau steps down. Some Ottawa residents are upset with the horn honking throughout the day.

On February 7 the court approved a 10 day ban on horn honking. Read that story HERE.

A police arrests an elderly man for honking his horn.

In this video Pat King, Activist, from Ottawa, records his drive to downtown Ottawa to prove the police wrong and chat with people on the street.

If you want to skip Pat’s narrative he starts walking at the 20 minute mark.

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More Coverage to come on Freedom Convoy 2022

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  1. Nazis! Protect & serve- new protocol— Reject & swerve like at 1st do no harm- for hospitals, new protocol is at 1st do harm! And on & on your rotten Luciferiens, they sold their very souls. The good folks in the USA & Canada fought valiantly the police when they were being criticized & harmed when the media blasted them. This is our returns for helping them, standing by/up for em!? No kind deed goes unpunished huh? I wouldn’t put it past them to arrests their own mother! We need to stop paying taxes to hire these thugs & evil lowlifes, period. Y’all are being used by the ugly evil Luciferiens, proud are ya? Now pig comes to mind~


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