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Ottawa Police Press Release – More Enforcement


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, February 5, 2022    6:30pm 

Hear what people on the ground from downtown Ottawa have to say about current events. WATCH HERE.

(Ottawa) – The Ottawa Police Service and its partners continue to implement a surge and contain strategy focused on preventing and reducing the impacts of demonstrators entering the downtown core, and improving neighbourhood safety. 

We continue to advise demonstrators not to enter Ottawa, and to go home. 

Enforcement and Charges Laid

  • Police have responded to 400 calls for service in relation to the demonstration since they began.
  • In total, over 50 criminal offences are being investigated- 11 of those were hate crimes which resulted in charges against four people.
  • Seven people have been arrested and 70 traffic violation tickets have been issued so far.

Perimeter and Traffic Control

  • An estimated 500 heavy vehicles associated with the demonstration are in the red zone.
  • Throughout the day, Ottawa Police and our partners are sporadically closing 417 exits in the downtown area, including:
    • Nicholas / Mann (Westbound & Eastbound)
    • Metcalfe (Westbound & Eastbound)
    • Bronson (Westbound)
    • Parkdale (Westbound & Eastbound)
    • Island Park (Westbound)
    • Kent (Eastbound)
    • Vanier (Eastbound)
    • St. Laurent (Eastbound)
    • Pinecrest Road (Eastbound)
    • Montreal Road (Eastbound & Westbound)
    • Woodroffe Avenue (Eastbound & Westbound)
    • Aviation Parkway (Westbound)
    • Walkley Road (Westbound)
  • Concrete barriers and heavy equipment barricades remain in place throughout Centretown, Lowertown, ByWard Market, Sandy Hill and the Glebe.

Intelligence and Investigations

  • Intelligence and evidence gathering teams continue to collect financial, digital, vehicle registration, driver identification, insurance status, and other related evidence that will be used in criminal prosecutions.
  • The Ottawa Police Service is actively working with U.S. authorities to investigate email-based threats to public officials.
  • The Hate related Hotline has received over 150 calls, and detectives are ensuring every report is investigated.


  • All available Ottawa Police Service officers remain on active duty, with a focus on patrolling and addressing unlawful and threatening conduct in: Centretown, Sandy Hill, Lowertown and the ByWard Market.
  • An additional 257 RCMP officers are being sworn in with Special Constable Status in order to further assist with demonstration enforcement.

We encourage all residents who have witnessed or been the victim of unlawful behaviour to please contact the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222 ext. 7300, or ext. 5015 for hate related crimes. Reports may also be submitted online at www.ottawapolice.ca

The Ottawa Police Service will continue to provide updates as they become available. 


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