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Ottawa Police Press Release Update


Update on Police Operations to Remove Unlawful Protesters

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, February 21, 2022   4:20pm 

(Ottawa)— The Ottawa Police Service and its policing partners continue operations to return the Downtown Core to a state of normalcy.

Secure Area Footprint Reduced

Police have reduced the size of the Secured Area. It now includes:

  • Somerset Street West to Parliament Hill
  • Bronson Avenue to the Rideau Canal

The ByWard Market area is no longer in the Secured Area.

Residents and Businesses – what to expect on Tuesday

Residents can expect an increased police presence to remain in place in the coming days.

Residents may travel to the secured area if they have a lawful reason such as they live there, work there or are shopping and visiting businesses.

Police checkpoints will remain in place and you will be asked your reason for travelling within the area. 

Businesses should feel safe to reopen if they had closed during the unlawful protest. 

The Ottawa Police is working directly with local business improvement agencies.

Supporting local businesses is considered lawful if you are entering the Secured Area.

We would like to thank businesses and residents for their patience.

Police measures will only remain in place as long as is deemed necessary to ensure unlawful protesters do not return.

Unlawful protesters must not enter the area or they may be subject to arrest and charges.

Some unlawful protesters returned to the protest site after being arrested and they have been charged.

A Quebec man was arrested on February 18th for Obstruct Police, Mischief Obstruct Property and Mischief. He was released with no charges. One day later he was arrested for Disobey lawful order, Obstruct Police, Mischief Obstruct Property and Mischief and was released via undertaking with boundary conditions.

A woman from Southern Ontario was arrested on February 18th for Mischief. She was released with no charges.  One day later, she was arrested for Disobey lawful order, Obstruct Police, Mischief Obstruct Property and Mischief and was released via undertaking with boundary conditions.

Enforcement and Charges Laid

As of 8:00 AM on February 21st, police have made 196 arrests.

Of those persons arrested, 110 were charged with various offences, including:

  • Disobey Lawful Court Order
  • Obstruct/Resist A Peace Officer
  • Assault
  • Mischief Obstruct Property
  • Mischief
  • Cause disturbance by Fighting/Shouting/Swearing
  • Assault Police
  • Dangerous Operation Motor Vehicle
  • Possess Weapon

A total of 115 vehicles have been towed to date. 


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