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Ottawa Police Press Release – Update


No injuries, no deaths, no riots in the last four days in the nation’s capital, even though we have a global cause, national protest.

Peter Sloly, Chief of Ottawa Police Services, holds a press conference. He talks about how the police plans to manage the build up of vehicles in Ottawa.

Sloly says; “We are making progress. Real progress. We’ve reduced the size of the demonstration significantly and will continue to do so in the hours and days ahead.”

Tens of thousands of individuals from a wide variety of causes gathered to actively demonstrate 24 hours a day for the last four days. All of that, coupled with thousands of heavy trucks, SUVs and cars driving into the city and congregating in the core of this city, 24 hours a day for four days a week.”

Within the next 24 hours, we will be creating a hotline for hate incidents hate crimes.

We continue negotiations with the core organizers of the core protests. We are emphatic in our desire to resolve these demonstrations as quickly, safely and effectively as possible. That will continue until the very end.

“There were reports of denial of service—injuries and trauma-related directly to the demonstration. I can tell you that is not true.

Despite the massive traffic chaos and gridlock that we saw, not just in the core but on our major access ingress routes in the bridges to 400 series highways, that is an incredible level of coordination and professionalism that was demonstrated over the last four days.

Effective tomorrow, we are re-deploying our Market Neighborhood Resource Teams, our Centretown Neighborhood Resource Teams, and our crime prevention officers back into their neighbourhoods, the Market, Lowertown, Sandy Hill, and into Centretown. Their jobs will be to provide direct support services, safety services, and customer service to the residents, business owners, the not-for-profit sector, and the service providers in and around the core. Unfortunately, we needed those officers over the last four days. Every single one of those officers was deployed fully and continually. They are tired, they’re stressed, and they’re strained, but every one of them knows the stress and strain that was imposed upon their communities, and they’re going back to serve and protect those communities effective tomorrow.

The situation of the demonstration has scaled down over the last 12 hours. Let me repeat – the situation of the demonstration has scaled down over the last 12 hours. We want that trend to continue until this demonstration comes to a complete end. I cannot guarantee you that right now. Still, I can guarantee you that every effort that negotiation and coordination, de-escalation has continued throughout the last four days and will continue until the complete end of this demonstration.

Read the full Press Release Here

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  1. Mr Peter Sloly, Chief of Ottawa Police Services, I want to express my admiration and appreciation for your sane and rational expression of the truth in this press release. Thank you for being an honest and trustworthy civil service member. You are a valuable community leader for Ottawa, Canada and the world. Please continue to keep true to your personal values and integrity. My acknowledgement extends to the many members of the Ottawa Police Services who have assisted in keeping the peace in Ottawa. Thank you from the bottom of my Canadian heart!


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