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Part 2 ETH and ETHE – Should Ethereum be part of my Portfolio (Retirement)? If so how? How much?


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CLOSED CONTEST: Win a custom-made “JUST HODL IT” Bitcoin hat.
How to win: Identify the two mathematical coincidence patterns talked about in this video.
Ended: Jan 21, 2021 at 6pm PST / 9pm EST

This video breaks down what Grayscale Ethereum Trust is, what it is made up of, and if it makes sense to include it as part of your portfolio. It also goes into detail around price arbitrage opportunities and the big picture of where the price will go over the next 5 years and how many ETH or ETHE you need to have $1Million worth in 2025 based on analyst predictions.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Introduction to supercharging your retirement with Ethereum – the second part of a multi-part series
0:30 Love what you do.
1:00 Quiz for a cap who can solve the math coincidence found in my other videos
1:45 Scammer warning
1:55 Technical Analysis warning
3:49 Why Ethereum – Best Protocol Takes all
4:26 What is ETHE Grayscale Ethereum Trust – yes it is regulated – good news for trust
5:00 Tax advantages of ETHE Grayscale Ethereum Trust
5:13 What to watch for!
5:28 More details, Premium for ETHE, Shares included
6:30 Focus on the right areas – don’t nitpick – jump on the train!
7:08 WIll Ehtereum Decouple from Bitcoin? The Polynomial relationship of BTC to ETH and future estimates based on historical ratios. Can ETH outstrip Bitcoin?
8:05 The Ratio of ETH to Bitcoin ie 40:1 – check Price Prediction Videos
8:50 The Volatile Nature of Ethereum between 2015 and 2021
9:36 I calculated the average returns at the closing price of every single day over the last six years for Ethereum and came up with an average yearly price and I also compared that to a table of the price of Ethereum per January 1 every year. The average returns vary from 600% per year to over 2100% depending on the model you use.
11:06 My Ethereum price predictions basically say the future is bright based on the predictions of analysts $8,000 as possible on the cycle which is 6 1/2 times from here but expect a bumpy ride and there’s a lot more risk with Ethereum compared to Bitcoin
12:00 Comparing the Ethereum to ETHE three month chart – tracks horribly ETH up to 223% while ETHE is only 130% and timing is everything
12:25 Comparing the Ethereum to ETHE One month chart – tracks even worse ETH up 108% while ETHE is only up 4%
13:01 Conclusion Number 1 – how many Ethereum or ETHE do I need to have $1 million worth by the year 2025?
13:43 Conclusion number 2 – ETHE does not track well, watch your timing arbitrage is always possible, and don’t forget to see my playing the gap’s video
14:05 Conclusion number three despite the 2 1/2% fee and tracking being off I do believe ETH and ETHE will outperform the S&P 500 over the next two years.
14:52 Timing is everything
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