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Pat King and the Canadian Convoy


Pat King and the Canadian Convoy


  1. Your amazing Pat King . You are doing this right. Keep the peace trust in God he will give you peace .
    You have no idea why your surname is king. God is going to use you. In many ways. I saw the love in you the first time I heard you. Jesus keep him under your wing.
    I was the lady that had to be taken by ambulance a week ago Sunday. Some people were saying I died. They were blaming you and your convoy for making the ambulance be an hour to get there. It was only 7 min . The permedics was amazing. I got out of the hospital.
    I’m alive more than ever. God has work for me yo do.
    Nina Reid. Port Stanley ont

  2. Pat King if you have an opportunity to listen to Charity Gayle on YouTube- Her song “I speak Jesus”, I dedicate this song to you and the other organizers and truckers in the Ottawa Convoy. I just wanted to encourage each one of you today and the days ahead. May each one of you experience God’s Love for each one of you and give you all Hope!! God Bless your work!!! I’ve prayed from you all from the start of your freedom journey and will keep you all in my daily prayers. In fact many times a day I pray for all of you. God sees the big pictures and He walks beside each one of you and His angels are surrounding each one of you.


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