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Police Aggression Surfaces in Ottawa Protest


Nick Strachan experienced police aggression first hand during the Freedom Convoy 2022 protest in Ottawa, Ontario.

Nick describes in detail how the police inflicted injuries upon him.

“They read me my rights. They told me I was being charged for obstruction of justice and then later on they said mischief. I said I understand but I do not agree.”

Nick Strachan

The police took Nick to a very long line up and gave him an ultimatum. He could either sign a document that states he will leave and not reenter the protest and all charges would be dropped or he would lose his business license and lose his ability to travel to the United States. Nick said, “Charge me.”

They did not do anything that would give the accused individuals evidence or paper work; they did not go to jail or have fingerprints taken. Nick says they were taken directly into the release room and told there would be no charges laid. The police said, “You are free to go.”

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By the time Nick got back to his truck his keys were nowhere to be found.

There was a light at the end of this ordeal when Nick bumped into Amy and Grant from Druthers. They recorded his story and got him a place for the night.

A tweet by Ottawa Police about the woman trampled by a police horse, Candice Sero.

Candice Sero Trampled by Police Horse

In Slow Motion


The Government and Police are breaking laws they enforce.

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