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RCMP working to ‘unfreeze’ protesters’ bank accounts


The RCMP began “sharing information” — related to the end of “unlawful” blockades — with banks and financial institutions as of Monday.

The Department of Finance officials said the emergency order issued by the Trudeau government led to between 206 to 210 accounts being frozen, totalling some $7.8 million.

Toronto Star, February 22, 2022

OTTAWA—The federal government says the RCMP are working with financial institutions to “unfreeze” bank accounts locked by emergency orders that targeted people who organized, participated in, or donated to the so-called Freedom Convoy blockades.

Reliability of Internet Banking Authentication Mechanisms | by Shreeharan Hareendran | Medium

Isabelle Jacques, assistant deputy minister of finance, told a Commons standing committee Tuesday that the RCMP began “sharing information” — related to the end of “unlawful” blockades — with banks and financial institutions as of Monday that should lead to affected accounts being “unfrozen.”

However, Jacques said some bank account holders may still be subject to other court orders freezing their assets.

The province of Ontario won an order on Feb. 10 that froze the distribution of funds raised through the American online funding platform, GiveSendGo. And on Feb. 17 a group of Ottawa citizens, businesses, and employees who are suing key organizers of the so-called Freedom Convoy 2022 won a sweeping order to preserve their ability to recover damages.

On Tuesday, Judge Calum MacLeod, of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, released reasons for his ruling, saying it concerns the “private right to sue and not the steps taken by police or government authorities.”

“Even if the defendants are ultimately found to be lawfully exercising constitutional rights of protest and dissent, it does not follow that in the exercise of those rights they do not have responsibilities to their fellow citizens,” said the judge.

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