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Supporting Parents with Highly Sensitive and Empathic Children


I think we can agree that in this unique time in history we have some special children manifest into our lives. They are referred to as Crystals, Rainbows & Starseeds, they are the world changers.

They are entrusted to us to help them to thrive and fully become all that they are.

In this group, I know you know this, that’s why you recognise the need to remove them from the indoctrination at the schools.

These precious children are more sensitive and aware of everything that is going on around us energetically.

That is why Karen Richardson (Star Sovereign) invited Anna Hart to have a conversation with her. Anna specialises in supporting parents who have these highly sensitive and empathic children.

They discuss how the current world events maybe affecting them and what we can do to help us understand our children better to help them to fly.

You can find more information on this subject from Anna Hart at https://www.facebook.com/groups/annahart.


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