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Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole with Chad. May 19.

In this episode of Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole Chad delivers some interesting commentary along with some videos clips with the full length videos posted below. ***For entertainment purposes*** Hollow Earth Theory Beyond The Ice Wall // Admiral Byrd, Hollow Earth, & The Dome In the winter of 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd flew a […]

Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole with Chad. May 17.

***For entertainment purposes*** Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Do you have a news story or tip? Send it HERE. If you like the content and would like to help Travis and Chad continue coverage send a donation through the Donate button on the page HERE. ALL donations are graciously accepted. Follow us:           Facebook | notRADIO […]

Canadian Independent Media Vital to Democracy

Ottawa Interim Police Chief squirms when asked if weapons were found in trucks at the Freedom Convoy and confirms it was misinformation spread by the press. Source Canadian MP Dane Lloyd breaks down a video where he questions Steve Bell, Ottawa Interim Police Chief, about the claim in February that weapons were found in trucks […]

News & Talk with Chad and Travis. April 12.

Travis plays clips of a Jordan Petersen interview plus an engaging talk with Odessa Orlewicz of Liberty Talk. Chad is back April 14 with Down the Rabbit Hole. Headlines with Travis Clips referred to:00:58:32 – 00:59:031:18:43 – 1:19:271:19:28 – 1:20:141:45:02 – 1:46:161:46:25 – 1:47:362:50:14 – 2:51:092:51:10- 2:51:55 Jordan Peterson’s Future Authoring Program Travis Interviews Odessa […]