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News & Talk with Chad and Travis. May 2.

Travis on the Rolling Thunder rally that ended, Crimes Against Humanity Tour, Trudeau stifles journalism, and Chad reveals black goo in the food supply. Headlines with Travis. In Ottawa, Rolling Thunder rally, police say it’s costing upwards of $3 million for policing, and they called in 800 reinforcements. Expecting more rallies in the future they […]

UPDATE Corona Investigative Committee Open Secrets

Session 97 of the Corona Investigative Committee is entitled Open Secrets – March 25, 2022. WATCH VIDEO “Suicides along with deaths from experimental drugs are not covered in life insurance.”Descriptions of an unusual increase in number of deaths and “death by vaccination” on death certificate. The Corona Committee was formed by four lawyers. It is […]

UPDATE: Dr. Fuellmich Grand Jury Trial

Covid Vaccine Crimes Against Humanity – Nuremberg 2.0 Opening Statements – February 5, 2022 The information given by experts In the opening statements describes the events that have led to the largest case of crimes against humanity in history. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a top trial lawyer in Germany, leads a group of international lawyers and […]