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Liberty Talk Canada. Document Anaylzes Gov’t Stats.

Ken Drysdale invested about 160 hours writing a document to analyze statistics from the Canadian Government website and proves their actions are fraudulent. An absolute bombshell report using the Canadian government’s OWN statistics and hospital facts researched and written by Ken Drysdale is currently being sent to RCMP and government officials regarding smoking gun evidence […]

Liberty Talk Canada. Why is David Fisman Hiding?

Attention Canada’s David Fisman. Why Are You Hiding From Other Scientists And Doctors? Liberty Talk Canada Episode-David Fisman creates with great effort an “embarrassing to read “scientific statement (according to others in the medical community) that the unvaxed put the vaxed in danger in Canada. He has been asked for a scientific debate by others […]

Updates from Odessa, Liberty Talk Canada

Odessa delivers graphic footage of death and suffering in Shanghai, China, an interview with a vaccine injured newly “awakened” woman, and a huge announcement. *Warning Graphic Images* The footage in this video is difficult to watch. Chinese people are terminated for speaking “non-approved” words and people leap to their deaths from high rise buildings to […]

News & Talk with Chad and Travis. April 12.

Travis plays clips of a Jordan Petersen interview plus an engaging talk with Odessa Orlewicz of Liberty Talk. Chad is back April 14 with Down the Rabbit Hole. Headlines with Travis Clips referred to:00:58:32 – 00:59:031:18:43 – 1:19:271:19:28 – 1:20:141:45:02 – 1:46:161:46:25 – 1:47:362:50:14 – 2:51:092:51:10- 2:51:55 Jordan Peterson’s Future Authoring Program Travis Interviews Odessa […]