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Linear TV’s reign may be coming to an end

73% of people describe good content as something personal and relevant that relates to their passions. The new premium is about control and choice, not production values, and only 15% of people say TV must be professionally produced at all. The makeup of TV viewing has been steadily changing for years, but recent upheavals and […]

The Trouble With Netflix

Source: Beet.TV Featuring Ashley Swartz, principal of the New York digital consultancy Furious Minds, and former head of the interactive television practice at Digitas. Here are some notable quotes from the video: @5:51: “Change is afoot and we all need to get ready for it, the question is how, and I think one of the […]

A work in progress…

The convergence of telecommunications, computing and the media. This is not TV. The business model we use moving forward creates an all access platform for creators, sponsors and the audience to come together harmoniously. This is a cooperative model and design moderated by the creators. Language is an important tool in the development of this […]

NotTV: A New Internet Economy Website

How is NotTV different from any other website? I had a great day, thank you. That wasn’t my question Oh, but it wasn’t? There are many things to talk about. Wait! How are we differentiating ourselves here? Well, first of all there are no “selves” and you just jumped backwards in your text. So you […]

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