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The notTV Founding Members

Travis Cross Profile Pic

Travis Cross

Producer/Director for NotNow.tv. Travis won Best Cinematography for the film Out of the Darkness at the 2016 Okanagan Film Festival. As a skilled speaker, talented video editor, entrepreneur and writer Travis also has strong leadership skills and currently sits on the board for the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmakers. Travis’ long-term goal is to write and produce influential, thought provoking, creative feature length movies. In 2008, Travis had a vision for the notTV project and has been passionately developing it into a viable business ever since.

Cathy Hubbell Profile Pic

Cathy Hubbell

Project Coordinator for NotNow.tv. Cathy has been the Executive Administrator for the NotTV project since 2011 and is currently the Project Co-ordinator for NotNow.tv. She manages communications, coordinates the team and helps hold everyone accountable. Cathy brings 30 years of administrative experience to the team, having worked the majority of the time at the University of Calgary in senior administrative roles. Cathy is also a writer with a passion for creating stories that can be converted into short and feature length movies. She is currently writing a fiction novel and developing an animated web series for children.

Shri Ananda Profile Pic

Shri Ananda

Host for NotNow.tv.  Shri is an artist, storyteller, inspirational speaker, author, musician, songwriter, and film producer. Shri Ananda joined the notTV team in 2014 wanting to contribute to the development of the platform for content creators. After producing multiple music videos and co-creating indie projects, he made the leap to writer, director and producer in 2016. In a whirlwind of divinely guided creativity he produced a short-film in just 7 weeks. ‘Out of the Darkness’ went on to win ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Post-Production’ in its first film festival. Shri Ananda is currently writing his next screenplay and  on stage sharing his music, film, and masterful storytelling with audiences around the world.

Angelica Bonaparte Profile Pic

Angelica Bonaparte

Host for NotNow.tv.  Angelica is an actress and host with over 15 years in the film and television industry. She joined the notTV team in 2014 and is thrilled to be a part of this exciting project. Angelica has appeared in countless commercials, films, print-ads and shows such as: CW’s Everwood, AMC’s Hell on Wheels, and Twisted Tales of my 9 to 5. In 2012 Angelica became the host of a Calgary based program called HeraldTV, and discovered her love for broadcasting. Proudly Canadian, she is passionate about supporting local arts and programs that celebrate the remarkable talent and content Canada has to share with the world.

Lauren Hjalmarson Profile Pic

Lauren Hjalmarson

Lauren is a writer, actor and producer from Kelowna, BC. She owns her own small company, Lion Speak Creative, and her background includes broadcast journalism, marketing, acting and videography. Lauren has a diploma in Theatre Arts and post-secondary education in interdisciplinary performance from UBC+. She is also a published author in multiple genres, and her most notable written work is a children’s chapter book called Rory and the Coyote, which she also illustrated. Lauren’s long-term career goal is to produce and perform in documentary and feature-length narrative films.

Adam Meachem Profile Pic

Adam Meachem

Artistic contribution to NotNow.tv.  Adam Meachem joined the notTV team as he saw his skill-set could help progress the project. He is a musician and composer specializing in audio production for film and television. He created the original score for the film ‘Out of the Darkness’ where he became good friends with Travis and Shri, which lead him to the role of sound designer for notTV. He spends his time writing music, recording and producing tracks of many genres, and playing live music at venues all over Western Canada. He is mainly a guitarist but is well versed in drumming and electronic music production.

Brunna Ribeiro Profile Pic

Brunna Ribeiro

Production Assistant for NotNow.tv.  Brunna is a young, Brazilian-Canadian singer-songwriter, indulging in the Okanagan’s artistic disposition. Her sound has transformed through several different genres since her debut in 2009, and she has found herself enamored with a Nu jazz influence. After sharing a passion for music and management with Travis Cross, she joined the NotNow.tv team. Brunna’s vibrant personality and meticulous ideals spread uplifting positive influence wherever she goes, which she hopes to influence the entertainment industry with.

Jordan Powers Profile Pic

Jordan Powers

Associate Producer for NotNow.tv.  Jordan is very passionate about film and music. His life’s ambition is to write, direct and produce feature length movies. Jordan is driven to help others, and with focused determination he aims to develop his craft to share their stories through the medium of film.