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MAR 3 – The Bills & Laws Being Created To Destroy Canada As We Know It And More Current News


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Links for this episode:

Pfizer Dump

Urgent – BC Dentist Speaks Up

Daily Poll: When Should BC Lift Remaining COVID Restrictions?

Help Stop BC From Firing More Medical Professionals – Let Them Care!

“Effective Immediately”: NFL Declares Pandemic Over, Ends All League Protocols

Ontario Judge Rules Mother Doesn’t Have To Vaccinate Children Against COVID-19

An International Treaty On Pandemic Prevention And Preparedness

I’m a Progressive Democrat. Here’s Why I Felt Impelled to Review RFK, Jr.’s ‘The Real Anthony Fauci.’

Ottawa’s next push on ‘green homes’ is to require an energy audit before you can sell

Gov. Ron DeSantis rejects Biden’s request for National Guard troops to protect State of the Union speech against trucker protest


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