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The DANGER of Everyone is YOU Pushed Out (NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS)


Watch out for The DANGER of Everyone is YOU Pushed Out. This video I’ll show you EXACTLY how avoid the negative side effects…NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS. Once you know the TRUTH…THERES NO GOING BACK.

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This video I want to be showing you the danger of everyone is you pushed out what you can do about this so that you don’t experience the negative side effects.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be explaining and showing you the danger of everyone is you pushed out showing you some of the negative side effects of what this means and what you can do to take your power back so that you start to direct your life in a powerful way and you don’t experience the negative side effects of this truth of life.

So I made a video recently called everyone is you pushed out. I will go ahead and link it below so that you can see if you haven’t seen it already. Everyone is you pushed out comes from a term and a philosophy or a I even a philosophy, but an idea of how reality works from Neville got art, who wrote the book the power of awareness.

The feeling is the secret and many other books. And he talks about how everyone is us pushed out and if we want to change anything, we must first change ourselves. So anybody that’s on the outside that’s reflecting something back to us, the idea is recognizing that that someone on the outside is actually us from a different point of view. And if we want to heal that version of us or if we want to change that version of us, we must change ourself.

This is a deep metaphysical idea and if you’ve ever heard of Homo Pono Pono, it’s actually very deeply correlated with the teachings of that as well. Ho’oponopono is that of a very powerful healing modality for healing within yourself. And then that also heals your outer reality. It has to do with sane for different scenes. Also link that video below.

That’s a video you can listen to for 21 days and repeat those four words and heal within yourself. So when it comes to this idea in this concept, it’s also important to understand that the dark side of it is that we must admit that at a certain level we have some of these characteristics within ourself. And it means that we take full responsibility for our own life, which sometimes can be a little bit hard to, to admit, imagine you meet somebody that’s a manipulative and negative.

In order to heal and understand the truth of the matter, you must also admit that within yourself you have a part of yourself that is manipulative or negative. And you may be resisting it, suppressing it. And that’s why you dislike it so much in someone else. Where as what you could do instead. It start to see things from this new perspective and embody and integrate shadow aspects of ourselves.

But a lot of people, a lot of people are so poor, are so attached to their positionalities to their own perspectives. Like somebody did something to me and if I want to remain in that perspective that somebody did sub did to me, I wouldn’t really be able to admit that, oh yes. That same thing exists within myself. A lot of people aren’t willing to say that because you want to know why the ego wants to be right.

This right here, stick figure. Imagine this is us. Everyone is you pushed out. This is us. We have this energetic field around your body and we have this, our ego would you everything it can to survive and it will do what it can to be right. So if we are attached to a position that says, this person did this to me, I’m a victim of what this person did, it then keeps us in this perpetual state of motion of wanting to be right in wanting to be, this person shouldn’t have done this but did.

But when you realize everyone is, you pushed out, you realize that that other person is another version of you and the only reason they could be in your life is for you to learn something or for you to integrate. Some aspect of yourself that hasn’t been integrated yet. This is where the dark side comes in or where people maybe don’t necessarily want to hear it. This is about healing from within and understanding that there is no outside reality other than what is being reflected…

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