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“The Great Reset is Frighteningly Close”. Dr. Cole.


Dr. Vernon Cole explains that the Great Reset is close to the conclusion we have been dreading and we have eight months to change direction.

Head and shoulders image of Dr. Vernon Cole.
Dr. Vernon Cole

In this video Cole provides the proof that the Great Reset is much further along than people realize.

Cole says, “We are already living in an oppressive, restrictive full communist society based on digital control and progressing rapidly towards the complete lack of individuality and freedom. Anyone who denies this is very, very ignorant, very, very stupid or bought and paid for and part of the nightmare.

This is the last video I ever wanted to make. Everything is happening very rapidly. Anyone who is surprised at rising prices and rising inflation obviously didn’t watch my videos a year ago. Just about everything that is happening to us was predictable.”

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Dr. Vernon Cole

Dr Vernon Coleman’s track record of spotting health dangers is second to none. Since the 1970s, when his first two ground breaking books (The Medicine Men and Paper Doctors) were published, Dr Coleman has been gaining friends among patients and enemies among doctors and drug companies. Read MORE.

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