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The Largest Wealth Transfer in Human History


Brian Edgar, Storm Ryder News, brings live coverage from Victoria, BC with David Whitehead, Cult of the Medics, speaking to people on the street during Freedom Convoy 2022.

Well spoken, David Whitehead has done his research. He asks, “Are you aware that in 2020, 2021, and now into 2022 we are experiencing the largest transfer of wealth in human history? You can validate that for yourself. It is indisputable.”

David Whitehead

“The middle class in North America is estimated to have lost, during this plandemic, $3.6 trillion.”

“If $3.6 trillion was taken away from us the people of North America, is it any coincidence that the top five mega corporations gained $3.9 trillion dollars while we were all locked in our houses, hiding under our beds afraid of a 99.8% survivability rate of a virus?”

Whitehead lost his martial arts business in 2020.

He talks about loss of small and medium sized business, illegal mandates, released Pfizer documents with 9 pages of adverse events, fake “clown” news, the national and international laws that are being broken by the Canadian government, informed consent, Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, and more.

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