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The New News in a Changing Media Landscape


Fired after 20 years as a Global News reporter, Anita Krishna continues as an independent journalist using free speech to deliver a powerful message about the legacy media.

Below: Anita Krishna describes in emotional detail the attitude shift in mainstream news over the past few years.


ANITA KRISHNA now hosts her own channel on Rumble, called AKStraightSpeaks Anita Krishna’s channel. On the Freedom Convoy 2022 for News Uncut, she provides an exclusive insight into how mainstream media are no longer reporting the news as it happens, but trying to shape what you see and hear. GO TO ARTICLE.

January 5, 2022 | Canadian journalist (Tara Henley) quit CBC over woke ‘radical political agenda’
A veteran news producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has said she quit in disgust at the national network jettisoning “journalistic integrity” for a woke “radical political agenda.”

Tara Henley reporter
Tara Henley

Why I resigned from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Tara Henley)

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Former CRTC officials condemn Bill C-10 as “authoritarian”

“We are Canadian internet policy and technical professionals writing as concerned experts and on behalf of all those who care about the future of a free and open internet.”


True North Wire, May 18, 2021 – “The Trudeau government is obsessed with regulating and censoring the internet. Despite all the criticisms and confusion surrounding Bill C-10, the government is pushing forward with its internet regulation bill. While the government claims the internet is like the wild west, there are already existing laws in place to protect Canadians. So what exactly is the Trudeau government trying to accomplish? Anthony Furey says even if the internet was broken, more government is not the solution.”

Pfizer-meme, elephant and reporters

The timeline of communications technology development.


CRTC approves broadcast component of Rogers-Shaw deal, with conditions – March 25, 2022

It’s the biggest deal in Canada’s telecommunications sector in two decades.

The CRTC, which was only tasked with assessing broadcasting elements of the transaction, said it made stipulations part of its approval because it wants to ensure that the sale will benefit Canadians and the country’s broadcasting system.

Among the CRTC’s conditions are a requirement forcing Rogers to contribute $27.2 million to various initiatives and funds, which is five times what the company had originally proposed.

The CRTC’s decision said 80 per cent of that sum will be directed to the Canada Media Fund, the Independent Local News Fund and certified independent production funds. The remaining 20 per cent will go toward initiatives proposed by Rogers, including the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund and Broadcasting Participation Fund.

Rogers must create an Indigenous news team with journalists in all provinces where the company provides news content to deliver stories to First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities.

Source: https://www.vicnews.com/business/crtc-approves-broadcast-component-of-rogers-shaw-deal-with-conditions/

How will this impact the new media and the emerging online independent journalists?

Cover Photo by Jorge Maya on Unsplash

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