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The Tables Turn on Media Misinformation


There’s an old poker axiom to not reveal your cards too soon. “Don’t show your hand.

The mainstream media has broken that rule.

Last week, an open letter emerged by mainstream media sources to “call out” Joe Rogan’s podcast episode from December with Dr. Robert Malone as misinformation.

joe rogan robert malone show poster

There’s just one problem.

The headlines announcing the letter are misinformation.

The very news articles claiming Joe Rogan spread misinformation are in fact themselves spreading misinformation while claiming it’s Joe’s podcast that is spreading misinformation. This blatant misuse of media power is a deep form of gaslighting, a technique that undermines a person’s perception of reality. What gives one media outlet the authority to call out another media outlet for misinformation and to use misinformation to do it?

The very fact that these mainstream media channels are using misinformation to discredit The Joe Rogan Experience is clear evidence of the lack of credibility from the very media channels trying to maintain their position of authority.

Joe Rogan, photographer Ethan Miller, courtesy Getty Images

The mainstream article headlines state “270 Doctors, Scientists Call Out Joe Rogan’s COVID Misinformation.” Here’s a look at some of the variations of that headline:

The claim that this letter was penned by doctors and medical experts is misleading.

The letter is comprised of many people who are not doctors or medical professionals.

The letter signatories include a cannabis farmer, multiple students, a dentist, veterinarians, left-wing college professors and a bunch of other non-medical doctors.

How the public is being misinformed is in the way the headline reads to suggest that the letter is made entirely of doctors and medical experts. It gives a false illusion. There is a serious side effect of these misleading headlines that ripple into society and create a divide among people.

Blaze Media is one publication to call out the others for their misinformation.

Whether or not someone agrees with Dr. Malone, by academic and professional standards, he has earned the right to have a “seat at the table.” He is a medical doctor and possesses decades of experience in virology and immunology.

From Blaze Media’s article on January 17, 2022 by Chris Enloe

Russell Brand mocks the headlines and brings attention to the fact that only a portion of the signatures on the letter are medical professionals.

While much of the media this week has claimed that ‘270 doctors’ demanded Spotify take action over Joe Rogan podcasts. It turns out, most aren’t medical doctors. So, what’s this really about?

The real question is will the majority of people catch on? Will society step back from the cultural narrative as written by big media corporations and begin to see things as they really are?

Time will tell.


  1. I can tell without looking (and won’t bother now) that one of these headlines is probably somewhere on reddit with tens of thousands of likes and hundred thousand impressions. Comments how either and all persons are a) crazy b) stupid c) conspiracists… (i don’t watch, don’t care, *don’t know*) and that’s gonna be the lasting impression.

    No, that’s predictable. What’s interesting is who’s actually behind it, zealous activists? If so, how did they make the story enter the media? Or a “think tank”? The results of their public actions is visible and known (e.g. deplatforming, even across borders and language barriers), who pulls the strings – outsiders will never know.

    PS: I think Joe Rogan had a (long) contract with Spotify. That’ll be interesting. Also Spotify have had very close encounters with the (Swedish) piracy scene and have uTorrent’s creator and developer on board ever since the ephemeral acquisition. Pirates (political) have quite the temper even if generally left-leaning. Read TPB’s early email replies for a bit of comedy.


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