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Today’s Guest. Susan Stanfield with Urgent Message.


Susan Stanfield joins Travis live from Europe with an urgent message about the upcoming WHO conference to vote on one world health authority.

Susan is an activist with a strong voice and a solid grasp on policies and Canadian politics.

The World Health Assembly is meeting in Geneva May 22-27 to vote on giving sole authority to the World Health Organization in planning future pandemics for all countries. If this succeeds Canadians will lose their sovereignty.

Stanfield is an advocate for action that makes a difference and can affect change.

She highlights what is hidden from public awareness. The meeting in Geneva is to vote on the changes or amendments to the statute law of the Assembly which will allow the Treaty that will give the WHO sole authority over future pandemics.

Susan Stanfield

Susan Stanfield, whistle blower on health justice in Canada, has been designing, curating & broadcasting daily justice videos on social channels since 2018 to empower women and moms to find their own unique health justice leadership style.

“When I started blowing the whistle on health injustice in Canada I quickly realized huge numbers of people needed to understand the complex human rights and governance issues I learned over a 20 year career in advocacy if we were ever going to stop the powerful cartels who are profiting off the downgrading of our natural health every day. These injustices are far too big for a few leaders but with millions of women and moms all over the world fighting to protect our children we are finally making progress thanks to covid crimes that were a massive wake up call.” READ MORE

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  1. the shimmer

    we shall not cease from exploration
    and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started
    and know the place for the first time
    t. s. eliot

    it caught my eye, noticing this fiction not so. this thing of love and of fallow and a bee’s kiss
    a reflection of a shimmer in a night-dream stark and pale. a vision of a kind not conceivably

    but still it flirts and beckons in you. you the fledgling tortoise darting to watery moons eager
    running to a spirit. to courage besting waves and depth and danger and sands golden brown

    and relationships and laughter and a truth i never saw. but until then, not too much the wiser
    maybe its a war for beauty, in the spiritual realm. in the symbols you believe; indulgent naïve

    maybe its an Insight of untold might yet to be acknowledged. maybe its truth, better illumed
    maybe its the Holder of this space and a hard to imagine harder. a future; a path; a shimmer


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