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Freedom Convoy Will Leave Vancouver Sunday to Arrive in Ottawa by Friday


A number of Canadian truckers have planned a massive convoy with hopes of ending a mandatory vaccine mandate that was put into place across the country.

What is the number one thing everyone needs to know about this convoy?

James Bauder, President, Canada Unity, tells us to remember the official convoy page https://canada-unity.com/bearhug. It is an evolving site and is the go-to place for regular updates.

He explains on January 13/14 a small number of people decided to do a convoy. About five people independently got the idea and over three days it came together. In just a few days the crowdfunding campaign exploded. Twenty-two hour days with little sleep and no eating just go, go, go as an entire country came to organize this amazing freedom convoy.

photo credit: Photo by 500photos.com from Pexels

Pat King, Organizer, delivers sound advice. “You are going to drive like you know how to drive. You’re going to obey the rules. You’re going to follow the code of conduct. You’re going to be professional. You’re going to act like adults. No drama. Understand that this isn’t about you. It’s about the country. You are an ambassador for Canada.”

The route starts in BC on January 23 but adjustments will likely be ongoing because there are so many moving parts and people involved. So keep an eye on the website.

There are different ways to participate without driving all the way to Ontario.

ALL vehicles are welcome and encouraged to take part: vans, trucks, cars – and even mopeds, James jokes. Pat chimes in with a suggestion to attached skis for safety. (Pat’s background is occupational health and safety).

People can participate in part of the convey or take part in the slow roll convoys near the borders. For truckers who can’t join in they can participate by staying at home – pull over and stop. If people are bringing a motor home James emphasizes to make sure you have winter tires and antifreeze.

No need to sign up for the convoy. There are tens of thousands of people coming. Use the website www.canada-unity.com/bearhug to find the stops along the way.

There are potentially hundreds of thousands of people from Quebec heading to Ottawa.

We’re coming together in a spirit of unity that takes on a government that’s….not listening to us. I think what’s going to happen is the thousands and thousands of truckers alone that are going to Ottawa are going to wake up this entire nation and the world.

James Bauder

The best way to kill a population is fear…We fought in two world wars to end this type of tyranny.

Pat King

Laura Lynn Interviews Pat King


The freedom convoy is injecting a much needed boost of strength and hope in the Canadian populace. And it is spreading – fast.

Canada will soon be under the world’s scrutiny when trucks start to roll.

You can follow the countdown HERE

The GoFundMe campaign started just four days ago. Donations started coming in fast and furious. The initial $100,000 goal has been stretched to $600,000 with $526,207 raised from 6,800 donations. The funds continue to roll in and that is encouraging.

While $500,000 seems like a large amount those semi trucks take a LOT of fuel. According to Pat King there are 1600-2000 trucks moving from the west alone.

Fuel costs will be about $300,000. All funds raised will contribute to food, lodging and fuel. They intend to stay as long as it takes.

Donate to the campaign HERE

Here’s what people are saying on social media:

I was so ashamed to admit I was Canadian. You and all you truckers have given me so much HOPE to be proud to be a Canadian again.

# # #

Thank you for being the voice for all of us!! What you’re doing is epic! Trudeau is back peddling. Keep it up!!

# # #

Thank you very much for standing up for our freedom! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 from a grateful senior in Mb. Be safe everyone!

# # #

Canadians bringing Canada back! Proud Canadian together rid corruption make our country strong! Thank you! All of You!

# # #

I am so Proud of all you organizers! First time I have had hope in a long time 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦Roll on!!

# # #

You all have done an amazing job on organizing this huge convoy!! Amazing job to everyone involved 😉 and thank you

See the original post here: Truck Convoy to End Mandates: “Wake Up and Stock UP!”

Canada’s image of complacent back bacon eating sleepy heads is about to change.

For people old enough to remember, Bob & Doug McKenzie were funny in 1980 when they created a spoof on the Canadian identity. They were quite a hit back then. It didn’t necessarily help with the global impression of Canada’s identity. After 40 years it’s time to show the world that Canada has matured and grown stronger.


Canadians rise to the challenge, despite a harsh Canadian winter. And continue to be polite.

Only in Canada, eh?

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