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Truckers vs. Trudeau – Freedom Convoy 2022: DAY 1


The world is watching Canada. The Freedom Convoy 2022 is on a slow roll from Western and Eastern Canada. They will converge in Ottawa five days from now on January 29.

Support for the #FreedomConvoy2022 has ballooned. A GoFundMe campaign started nine days ago sits at just over $2.6 million from 34,600 donations – and growing. The money will be used for fuel, lodging and food for participants. There are 38,000 registered trucks and thousands of supporting vehicles from across Canada are expected to informally join. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people from Quebec are expected to show up according to Pat King, organizer. This is a good indication of just how fed up Canadians are over infringements upon their freedoms.

The rally is about everyone, not just unvaccinated truck drivers.

“Tiessen, who has been driving rigs for 23 years, will be behind the wheel of his own vehicle because he was unable to start his winter job hauling lumber across the border due to the vaccine requirement. I can work elsewhere in the industry that doesn’t involve crossing the border, but I’m not taking it anymore,” he said.” https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/b-c-truckers-participate-in-cross-country-freedom-convoy-to-protest-vaccine-mandate?r

Two years into the pandemic and Canadians have been relatively laid back, aside from growing peaceful protests across the provinces.

But the Federal Government’s decision to mandate vaccines for cross border truckers was the final straw. Planning for the Freedom Convoy started after the decision that all truckers crossing from the US into Canada be fully vaccinated, or present a negative COVID result from a PCR test in order to avoid mandatory quarantine. This means “starting January 15, unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers entering Canada will need to meet requirements for pre-entry, arrival and Day 8 testing, as well as quarantine requirements.” See Requirements HERE. If truckers are forced off the road to quarantine they are unable to put in enough hours to cover expenses and earn an income.

“The mandate, which will require Canadian truckers to quarantine if unvaccinated when crossing the border into Canada, led to a number of questions and corrections around who would be exempt and how.” CTV NEWS

And So It Begins…

Convoy leaves Toronto, ON
Photo Credit: Rebel News – Calgary Convoy
Freedom Convoy Leaves Vancouver

Support is Widespread

CPC MP Pierre Poilievre went after Trudeau’s trucker jab mandate on Wednesday, calling it a “vaccine vendetta” against un-jabbed truckers.

If you walk into a grocery store and you see products on the shelves, thank a trucker. If you walk into a grocery store and you see empty shelves, thank Justin Trudeau.

Pierre Poilievre

Conservative Ted Falk says Justin Trudeau has “‘has arbitrarily villainized these brave men and women (as) a threat’ and that truckers are the ‘victims of Justin Trudeau’s vaccine witch hunts.’ https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/canadian-mp-backs-truckers-protest-against-vaccines-calls-mandates-wrong-not-ethical-not-constitutional/


Read More: What will the vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers mean for B.C.’s supply chain?

History Repeats – If We Allow it To

Canadians Disgruntled with Pierre Elliot Trudeau, father to Justin Trudeau

The largest protest in Canadian history was the General Strike on October 14, 1976 called by the Canadian Labour Congress. “Over a million workers walked off the job across Canada to protest the federal government’s plans to impose wage and price control legislation – a broken campaign promise and betrayal of workers by the Trudeau Liberal government.” https://canadianlabour.ca/the-largest-labour-protest-in-canadian-history/

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (Canadian Press)

In 1970 Pierre Elliot Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act.

“On the bogus claim Quebec was in a state of “apprehended insurrection,” basic civil liberties were suspended. In the hours that immediately followed, police carried out raids without warrants across Quebec and took hundreds of people into detention. Many of the detained would be held for weeks without charge.” https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/10/23/wmat-o23.html

As Canada moved into the 1970s, workers faced difficult economic times. Inflation was on the rise along with unemployment. Over the 1970s, the price for a barrel of oil jumped from $3 to $40, an increase of over 1300%. Unemployment and prices continued to rise, while the economy sputtered.

A newsboy hits the streets in Ottawa, Oct. 16, 1970. PHOTO- PETER BREGG, THE CANADIAN PRESS

“During the 1974 federal election campaign, the Conservative Party campaigned on a platform to impose legal caps on wages and prices. Seeking re‑election, the Liberal Party, led by Pierre Trudeau, openly ridiculed the idea and presented itself to Canadians as an anti-control party. Working people, fearing the loss of jobs and income, flocked to the Liberals, returning them to power with a majority government.”

Just one year later, Trudeau broke his promise. Canadians were outraged. Inflation stood at nearly 11% in 1975.

The labour unrest caused by Trudeau’s betrayal resulted in over 11.6 million work days lost to strikes and lockouts in 1976 alone. The CLC, under the leadership of Joe Morris, called for a National Day of Protest on October 14th that resulted in the largest labour protest in the country’s history. Over a million Canadians took part – walking off the job, marching in the streets, and voicing their opposition to Trudeau’s unfairness.

Sound familiar?

Will Justin Trudeau follow in his father’s footsteps and invoke the Emergency Act?

Travis Cross, notTV, is taking it on the road with the convoy to Ottawa.

WATCH Day 1 Live update from Salmon Arm

Travis Cross

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