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Truckers vs. Trudeau – There’s a Cost to Freedom


Thank you for your support!

Travis Cross

This is day 8 for Travis and Chad in the Freedom Convoy 2022. They continue to press on in sub-zero temperatures and minimal sleep when they can get it. Canadian generosity, love and kindness have carried them this far and they are so very grateful to everyone along this #freedomconvoy 2022.

They are self funded on this trip but feel the urgent need to capture truth as history unfolds. Journalism by the people for the people, they strive to give Canadians a platform that the mainstream media refuses to provide. There are many citizen journalists on this journey documenting things from their vantage point.

All perspectives are important and all voices must be heard.

A couple of humble men they are most grateful for any and all support. No amount is too small and it all goes towards fuel, food and lodging.

Chad Metz

Thank you to everyone that has supported Chad and Travis on their journey to Ottawa! The outpouring of love and support they have received has been outstanding! For everyone that has asked how they can support the guys on their journey and make sure that everyone keeps getting the story live please watch the short video above ❤!

Morgan Oostera, notTV Support Team

e-transfers can be sent to travis@not.tv

Hands holding the words thank you Free Photo
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notTV is a grassroots start-up new media initiative. Truth and transparency is urgently needed in our world. You can support us by sharing and signing up for the newsletter HERE.

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  1. Lived in Ottawa for almost fifty years.
    Half hour east of the core now and saw the rerouting.
    I saw them letting the trucks off at Vanier Parkway then closing the Parkway and making them go back.
    I saw the majority then be routed to the aviation Parkway.
    If anyone needs to know the backroad detours to take to get to where you need into the core, let me know!
    There are other ways to clog up the core…


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