Easily Create Beautiful Marketing Videos

A new online video creation service is available. This changes the video creation market. While it makes it easier for small businesses to create their own marketing videos, it challenges trained video professionals and storytellers to create more value in their service.

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The service includes footage, music and easy to use editor,just add your message and a logo!

What are videographers, video editors and storytellers for?

To help you create custom educational, entertaining and informative videos to truly engage, empower and create value for your audience!

We live in an age where cheap quality videos are available, but they are simple. Remember to get to the point. Make your marketing video 6 seconds, any longer and you’ve lost the audience.

Do you want to engage the audience with a story, teach them a new skill or provide some valuable information?

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How to Find Product Market Fit – Peter Reinhardt

Excerpt from: IMPACT Blog – What is Product/Market Fit? (& 5 Steps to Finding It)

One of the biggest challenges in growing your business is finding product/market fit.

In addition to transforming the way you market your product or service, finding product/market fit completely changes (and improves) the product development process.

With good product/market fit, you offer a product that you know your customers want, ultimately, making it extremely easy to convince them to buy it. But like with anything, without a thorough understanding of product/market fit, you’re basically guessing.


Don’t Worry by Playing for Change

Uploaded on 21 Jan 2009

From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”, comes an incredible track written by Pierre Minetti performed by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it traveled the globe. “Don’t Worry” is the follow up to the classic “Stand By Me” and the second of many “songs around the world” released on the “Songs Around The World” CD/DVD in stores now everywhere.

Order the “War/No More Trouble,” “Stand By Me,” “Don’t Worry,” and “One Love” videos and the Songs Around The World album now at iTunes! http://tinyurl.com/pfcitunes

PFC3: Songs Around The World – CD/DVD available everywhere now!
Featuring 185 musicians from 31 different countries:
Buy PFC3 Here: http://bit.ly/2byKeXe
Buy on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/PFC3AmCD
Buy PFC3 on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/PFC3itunes

Playing For Change Band website: http://bit.ly/2biN3Lp
Playing For Change Band Facebook: http://bit.ly/1t0mv4o

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To learn more about the work of the PFC Foundation, visit http://www.playingforchange.org


Source: Adbusters and billionpeoplemarch.org


Hey all you wild cats, dreamers and redeemers out there,

It’s been awhile since Occupy Wall Street came and went. Now the revolutionary spirit is stirring again. We’re building a global people’s power bloc – and it all begins with the #BILLIONPEOPLEMARCH.

On December 19, I’ll be one in a billion! We’ll take to the streets in a global big-bang moment that will, for one beautiful day, make business as usual impossible. In every major city of the world, we will come together in our rage, sorrow, compassion, defiance and determination. A revolutionary carnival against the whole dysfunctional system that keeps us on the brink of climate catastrophe, financial meltdown and World War Three.

But #BILLIONPEOPLEMARCH is more than a moment — it’s a movement. Linked on the Internet, we’ll zero in on the biggest, most systemic world-changing metamemes that have the power to shift the global narrative towards a sane sustainable future . . . and then we’ll take to the streets again (and again) to push our ideas through.