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Video Blogging, a $40,000 per year job


According to Amish Patel in a Techvibes article this week, video bloggers with 60,000 subscribers pull in $40,000 per year from Google.

Here’s an excerpt:

[Amish] says that you can find the top 2,000 projected earning video channels on Statsheep—and Patel hopes with his Toronto-based D Films background, which has seasoned distribution executives, he can launch himself into contention with the rankings. Many video bloggers have around 60,000 subscribers and can pull in around $40,000 a year through Google. The top ranked vlogger, Ray William Johnson, has made $4 million over five years. You can check out one of Amish’s videos, called “Arranged Marriage Biodata,” which has over 110,000 views.


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