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notTV is a cooperative media storage and streaming platform built on blockchain technology for independent artists and creators worldwide to help fund independent free press.

Leading our communities and the media industry into a thriving and harmonious future.

Our team has been creating notTV since 2008 and we are excited by the rise of the co-operative movement and all of the possibilities the Internet Economy has to offer.

notTV is a cooperative of new media artists and content creators. Together we create a media pool and increase the value of our collective work. The intention behind the notTV community is to create content that focuses on and promotes a better world.

The notTV vision is to be the #1 media storage and streaming platform for independent artists and creators worldwide. The result is a strong social economic communications system with profit flowing into the hands of artists and back into society through a journalism fund and community voted on projects for the public good.


Our ethos.

Respect. High vibration. Communication.

First and foremost. We agree to respect one another, the environment and ourselves.

Together we move in the direction of a higher vibration.

Communication is key. We make the effort to communicate our thoughts and our feelings while listening to one another with patience. We seek first to understand, then to be understood.




notTV shines light on the global community that contributes to the creation of a better world.