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War Vet Tells his Story of Violent Ottawa Arrest


This Canadian war veteran, nearly killed by an IED in Iraq, was violently arrested by police in Ottawa.

No charges were laid. The police said this was his lucky day.

Thirteen years ago in Afghanistan Chris was almost killed when he sustained a broken foot, ankle, hip and back.

During the Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa this war veteran says he was peacefully holding the line in the protest.

“The police grabbed me, they pulled me down. They kneed me in the back, they kneed me in the side, they kicked me. When I was down the police barricaded themselves so they couldn’t see from behind…they hit me four or five times in the head. My hands were completely up. I was not violent one bit. They tied my hands behind my back. I was there for two minutes. They pushed my head in the snow. They put their knee on my back. They put something against my face so I couldn’t hear or see what was going on. They lifted me up and put me in a processing line where my hands were zip tied behind my back for two hours standing out in the freezing cold. I couldn’t sit down, couldn’t kneel down.”

Chris, Petawawa Veteran

Standing in that line there is no fear because what we are doing is right.

Chris, War Veteran

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