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Web3: Tech vs the Human Condition, Jordan Hall


Web3 is the collective name for the latest wave of innovation online. Touted as much more decentralised, democratic and creative than the current web ecosystem, for its evangelists it’s our best hope to innovate our way out of many our most pressing societal problems.

Jordan Hall is a tech entrepreneur and Deep Code analyst, who has been deeply involved in what is now being called Web1, the early garage innovators who created the early internet, and also Web2, when cyberspace was colonised by the the new monoliths like Google, Facebook and Apple. He’s deeply invested in the success of Web3.

In this conversation with Rebel Wisdom, Jordan discusses the possible trajectory of Web3, how well developed the space is, and also the problems that are becoming ever more apparent. In particular how the early hopes that Web3 might be able to find tech solutions to the eternal problems of human beings coordinating together, seem to be failing.

We will be hosting an open discussion on Web3 and the questions raised by this conversation on Tuesday December 21st, this will be open to all, register here to take part: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0sc-mpqj4qE9XG61uH1sGi5KBUeICxwGcz


0:00 Introduction
4:07 Topic overview
5:31 What is Web3?
17:35 Web3 vs Web2
29:07 Is Web3 just utopian hype?
40:50 AI and ethics
46:37 Can tech help prevent a grim future?
58:59 Is Web3 not ready to go mainstream?
1:07:19 Will Web3 end in disappointment like Web1?
1:11:31 Naive utopianism


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