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What is it like to be a TV Producer?


Check out these resources to learn more about television production. Of course, we’re notTV, but we had to plant our roots somewhere!

  1. Who puts together a television network schedule?
  2. Bravo Producer Guidelines
  3. Bell Media Development Standards List
  4. How to Pitch Local News: The Beginner's Guide
"Kripo live" in Studio 1 of the MDR
Image Courtesy Wikimedia

notTV is all about education. We want to help the next generation of media producers thrive.

Check out notRADIO where we talk about the making of notTV with special guests. We’ll explore all the sectors of the wheel of co-creation and the changemakers who are building a better world.

We’re always on the lookout for new shows and creators. If you want to get involved with notTV or you have a show or video you want to see on our network submit your video now!


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